Privacy Policy

Pineapple Games Studio is always looking to provide unparalleled service and an unrivalled gaming experience. Ensuring the online privacy of our users is an integral part of our mobile games and apps experience. We put special emphasis on ensuring a safe, secure and private playing experience for the children playing our games.

Privacy: Family and Children

Pineapple Games Studio prioritizes the Online Privacy Protection and Security of all of its users, especially children using the platform. Many of our games are part of the designed for families program which impose additional measures to ensure high quality of data security, privacy and protection.

We make sure the ads provided by our Google Play approved Third party Ad Networks are family oriented in our games for families.

We continuously work to improve our games and to help us provide you with the best service and game experiences, we work with third party analytics providers including Game Analytics and Firebase in our apps for children.

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We also use the following services to display Third Party Ads for Families

Google Ad Manager
Google Admob
Vungle Privacy

No Interest Based Ads in Games Designed for Families

We do not serve interest based ads in our games designed for families.

COPPA Compliance:

Pineapple Games Studio has established mechanisms for ensuring compliance to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. We provide COPPA compliant games and apps and are dedicated to protecting the online Privacy of children.

Data Access, Collection, Usage and Sharing:

Our games and apps monetize their advertising inventory by allowing advertisers to run Google Play children and family approved ads in their apps. These ads may be personalized depending on the game category. To deliver these services in partnerships with ad networks and such services, we collect and process data within the bounds of law.

Personal Information

Our Advertising Providers collect data regarding advertisement performance, user’s interaction with ads, our Apps and user’s interests. The Information is used only for limited purposes, taking into account the limitations regarding collection and usage of certain Information in Section ‘’Children’s Information Collection’’. .

By installing and using our games, you agree to let us use some of your data for different lawful purposes. These purposes include, but are not limited to:

  1. For providing you with the services that you have requested. This could include saving your progress when you play or enter/exit the app.
    1. This is necessary for the services that have been requested and is thus a legitimate usage.
  2. To perform analytics on the game data and better understand our users likes, dislikes and identify wanted and unwanted features.
    1. Gathering of data for analytics only occurs after getting consent for the data collection. This is obtained through an in app notice directing users to our privacy policy. The data gathered is anonymized.

Advertising in the App:

Our apps may contain third-party advertisements in compliance with the specific Store Policy. We may also cross promote our own products in accordance with Store Policy. We may also choose to cross promote products of other affiliated developers that have similar policies, including privacy policies as us


Pineapple Games Studio uses Game Analytics for various purposes. These include but are not limited to Impression reporting, integration with DoubleClick, Demographic & Interest reporting

We may use their services to collect your device identifier, IP address, mobile phone carrier, game progress, time spent playing, and achievements. This information is for internal-use only and not sold or shared to any other group. This information is not combined with personal data collected at any time. Cookies can be accepted or rejected by the browser via settings that can be controlled by the user.

Data Handling and Security

Pineapple Games Studio has several measures in place to ensure the security of its user’s data and takes all reasonable measures to keep the data secure. This includes making sure all data is stored behind a firewall, the data can only be accessed by authorized personnel who have a genuine need for the data in their work and storing the data in secure digital and physical environments. We also do not share data with third parties who do not abide by similar standards of security.

Our Data Retention and Deletion Policy

Personal information obtained through voluntary submission by users, such as email addresses or phone numbers will be treated as highly confidential and subject to strict levels of security. Such information will not be shared with third parties. It will only be retained as long as necessary to address the relevant issue or reply or implement the feedback.

Such information may be retained where it can be reasonably expected that it will be needed to address the relevant issue in the future, but not beyond the scope of resolution of the issue. Data will be deleted after it cannot reasonably be expected to be employed to address the issue

To request deletion of any personal information you have provided us, you can contact us at:

Registration Information:

Some of our games and apps may have the option to create an optional user account that enables some extra features. These accounts may ask for additional information such as a username or age. These accounts may be used for extra features like comparing scores, multiplayer competition or further user interactions. Some of this information may be public such as a username. However, only voluntarily provided specified information will be made public that can be controlled by the user settings.

Payment Information:

We may use and store your payment information when you initiate a transaction of any good, digital or physical through our apps and games. This may collect details such as your name, email address, mailing and billing address and credit card information that is necessary to carry out the transaction and receive payment. This information is securely handled and only kept for the purposes of payment. It will be used with the payment processing service providers who need it to carry out the transaction.

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Sharing and Disclosure

We do not share the personal data of users without their prior consent.

We may share your data data with the following groups after obtaining your consent:

  • Ad Networks and Partners: To monetize ad inventory.
    • Data is collected by ad partners through their own tools/SDK’s
  • Analytics companies: Data is shared for analysis to help us understand users better.
    • They also collect data through their own tools/SDK’s
  • We share information with authorities where we are subject to their laws.

Subject to Change

This policy may be updated without notice to comply with changes in laws or store policy. Users should frequently review this Policy and review latest changes and updates.

This Policy last updated on 14/10/2021

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